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Technology Startups

Technology Startups

Changing the World

A space for every stage of development

Startup companies at the Innovation Hub share a dream of making the world a better place through technology. As they grow, they attract investment dollars, create jobs, and grow the economy. Whether you need space for 10 employees or just yourself, or you want to participate in programs and events without opening an office here, we have options for you.

Resident Startups

Creating a community

Our Resident Startups range from startups in their early formative stages to companies starting to reshape industries. Whether partnering with international space agencies or launching digital healthcare apps, our Resident Startups prove that ideas successfully grow and thrive at the Innovation Hub. Learn more about individual Resident Startups below.

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Affiliate Startups

Designed to enhance the likelihood of startup success

Our Affiliate Startups, who are either not yet ready to be located in the Innovation Hub or are looking to relocate to Gainesville, are busy changing industries with their technologies. Whether democratizing the options trading in the financial industry or providing digital marketing tools, our Affiliate Startups create jobs and improve the world while utilizing the resources and networking available through the Innovation Hub. Learn more about our individual Affiliate Startups below.

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Alumni Startups

See list of companies that started in the Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub already has produced a network of alumni companies that are changing the community and the world. Startups enter the building with a goal of outgrowing it and moving into larger space in the community. While not all companies make it, all are given an amazing environment and guidance to determine their future next steps. Captozyme (pictured) is a former graduate that continues to flourish.

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