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Resident Clients

Resident Clients

See startups and growth companies located in the Hub

Our Resident Clients range from startups in their early formative stages to growth companies starting to reshape industries. Whether partnering with international space agencies or launching digital healthcare apps, our Resident Clients prove that ideas successfully grow and thrive at the Hub. Learn more about individual Resident Clients below.

Image for Actionable Quality Assurance

Actionable Quality Assurance

Actionable Quality Assurance is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service company that connects and automates organizations’ food-safety and quality-assurance points, from certifications and lab test results, to corrective actions taken.

Image for Atmosphere Apps

Atmosphere Apps

Atmosphere Apps is a mobile app development company collaborating with organizations to create innovative products that help professionals work better.

Image for AuxThera, LLC

AuxThera, LLC

AuxThera is a therapeutic development company bringing medical food and drug products to the market for overweight companion animals and humans. AuxThera’s flagship product is Trimauxil™, a weight-loss product for companion dogs.

Image for BACCH Labs


BACCH Laboratories, Inc. creates 3D audio software that places perceived sound sources anywhere, enabling the augmented reality of sound.

Image for BioMonde


BioMonde is a wound-care company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of larval therapy products for use in the treatment and debridement of chronic and hard-to-heal wounds.

Image for BLUEWAVE


BLUEWAVETM is a medtech company developing the BLUEWAVETM Device, which infuses ozone to clean and deodorize hard-to-treat items in as little as 5 minutes — without water, detergents or added chemicals. It will do for cleaning what the microwave oven did for cooking.


Image for Diabetic Kitchen

Diabetic Kitchen

Diabetic Kitchen develops and distributes delicious real food for healthy lifestyles. Their low carb, keto-friendly choices are perfect for diabetics, those with gluten
intolerance, and anyone interested in healthy food alternatives.

Image for Essential Validation Services

Essential Validation Services

Essential Validation Services is a third-party independent laboratory specializing in affordable quality assurance testing of essential oils, creating transparency throughout the supply chain and ensuring integrity within the essential oil industry.

Image for etectRX


etectRx, Inc. is a digital health company that has developed a patented ingestible event marker (the ID-Cap System) to uniquely provide real-time dose-level medication ingestion verification.

Image for Eventplicity


Eventplicity is a digital concierge company that streamlines event booking. The company’s software integrates with venue websites to facilitate real-time pricing, availability and packaging, empowering anyone to easily plan a custom private event.

Image for HealthSteps


HealthSteps is a digital health company developing technologies to improve outcomes, simplify care management and connect patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

Image for Innovacorium


Innovacorium Inc. is biotech company developing a pharmacological product for regenerative therapy of the oral cavity, particularly for the treatment of oral mucositis induced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Image for LeaderLync


LeaderLync is an education technology marketplace that enables student success in the innovation economy by guiding them to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Image for Nom Nom, LLC

Nom Nom, LLC

Nom Nom, LLC is a developer and manufacturer of all-natural, nutritionally fortified ice pops with a focus on improving the dietary health and hydration of patients and the general population.

Image for Precision Silver

Precision Silver

Precision Silver is an agriculture technology company deploying robotic data collection systems, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms to deliver precise scientific measurements at field scale.

Image for Prisma Imaging

Prisma Imaging

Prisma Imaging™ is a medical imaging company developing a robotically-controlled Computed Tomography (CT) imaging system for more effective and efficient diagnoses of equine and large animal patients.

Image for Rain Neuromorphics

Rain Neuromorphics

Rain Neuromorphics seeks to make artificial intelligence cheap and massively accessible by replicating the profound computational efficiency observed in the human brain. The company produces Memristive Nanofiber Neural Network (MN3) technology, a neural network on a chip.

Image for RAPiD Genomics

RAPiD Genomics

RAPiD Genomics is a DNA genotyping and genetic data analysis company providing tools for agricultural companies and researchers to quickly breed and grow ideal crops and livestock, giving researchers and farmers the ability to predict the value of a plant or animal even before the seed germinates or the animal is born.



SATLANTIS is a New Space specialist who provides proven high performance payload technologies to enable the development of high spatial and temporal resolution services for earth observation and teledetection.

Image for Tera Insights

Tera Insights

Tera Insights, a UF Research Computing partner, is the firm behind the ResVault system. Tera Insights provides NIST compliant data storage, encrypted virtual machines, and secure HPC solutions.

Image for txtsignal


txtsignal is a software-as-a-service platform that connects any organization to its audience through SMS text messaging.

Image for Verigo


Verigo is a supply chain IT company bringing unprecedented visibility to perishable logistics by providing real-time, actionable data for every item to maximize quality and safety from farm to fork.

Image for ViperQ


ViperQ is a software company that optimizes bar & restaurant operations. Fomo, ViperQ’s primary app, streamlines the way bars engage their customers.