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Alumni Startups

Alumni Startups

Companies that got their start in the Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub already has produced a network of alumni companies that are changing the community and the world. Startups enter the building with a goal of outgrowing it and move into larger space in the community. While not all companies make it, all are given an amazing environment and guidance to determine their future next steps. Captozyme (pictured) recently graduated from the Innovation Hub and continues to flourish.


\anthrographic\ is a software company at the intersection of anthropology, technology and design that combines social theory and methods with design intelligence to simplify tasks across industry, academia and government.

Image for ACENT Laboratories

ACENT Laboratories

ACENT Laboratories is a leader in advanced aerospace propulsion and power technology dedicated to applying innovations from the aerospace and defense industries to develop environmentally responsible energy technologies.

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APEM Inc. is an aerial remote sensing and geospatial analytics service provider for the water, power, construction and environmental sectors; providing customized solutions using ultra-high resolution sensors with proprietary analysis tools.


Apollidon is a gateway to high-quality online learning. Apollidon is dedicated to worldwide marketing and student connection to distance-learning masters degrees and other high quality education, as well as to providing premier technology support. Apollidon promotes the World's Largest Forensic Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Clinical Toxicology Programs for the University of Florida.

Apps for Docs

Apps for Docs is bridging the technology gap between healthcare reform and current industry practices with its integrative clinical decision support system. The health information technology company places a mobile application into the hands of the physician, delivering crucial patient data and best practices guidance where and when it's needed most: at the point of care, pre-procedure. Apps for Docs services facilitate secure information sharing between the Hospital and MD practice management system, improve reimbursement rates for both hospital and physician, and ensure that patients receive high-quality care backed by evidence-based practices.


Captozyme is a biotechnology company developing therapeutic enzymes to prevent oxalate kidney stones. The company’s proprietary enzymes act as dietary intercepts; thus, offering a dietary management alternative for patients with distinct nutritional needs.


Crowdlaw is a social venture that provides “access to justice” crowdfunding: digital fundraising solutions to empower communities to support clients in need of legal assistance.


Eatable is a mobile-application company that connects you to food you'll love anywhere around the world, all on your smartphone. Similar to Pandora, Eatable recommends dishes based on your individual tastes, empowering you to embrace your inner foodie, and discover new cuisine anywhere you go.

eMotion Technologies

eMotion Technologies is a musician-focused company developing a wireless gestural control system that creates a “Smart Instrument” enhancing performance, composition, education, and the general enjoyment of music. eMotion’s plug-and-play system consists of a customizable network of wireless gestural sensors and a visual software interface allowing any artist on any instrument to use intuitive performance gestures to seamlessly control virtually any aspect of their performance periphery, including effects processing, lighting, audio mixing, and audiovisual effects. eMotion’s products provide a simple and easily personalized solution to real problems performers encounter on a daily basis, enabling them to increase revenues by adding value to the multi-sensory experience they create and maximize profits through more efficient operations.


eTect is capitalizing on the opportunity to enable a new universe of connected devices through its innovative connected sensor solutions. The company has developed a patented technology platform of ultra-low power wireless integrated circuits, novel combinations of sensor and self-powering circuits and specialized materials to deliver low cost short-range wireless sensors and readers. This platform extends the Internet to ingestible and disposable devices such as connected pills; smart briefs for incontinence care; connected bandages for wound care, and other connected devices for medical, commercial, and consumer applications.


Feathr's event marketing cloud is the only suite of digital marketing tools specifically designed for the needs of large event organizers. From boosting ticket sales to promoting sponsors, Feathr helps events monetize their digital reach.

Generation Wy

Generation Wy is a company that will seek to use technology developed at the University of Florida to help unlock the promise of the next generation of wireless data transport. When broadcast television channels converted to digital transmission in 2009, large bandwidth spectrum areas called “white space” became available for the first time. This critical bandwidth will provide additional capacity for high-speed wireless connection to laptops, PDAs and cell phones deeper into rural areas and targeted urban locations. White Space regulations set a rigorous standard of “zero interference tolerance” with existing broadcast, cable and other signals. Generation Wy will develop and market a product to help secure interference mitigation.


Geometeor is an engineering and software company that enables simulation and data analysis at scale. Geometeor enables scientists, engineers and businesses to combine problem specific geospatial and spatiotemporal data with high performance computing on a collaborative, web based platform.


Gladigen Inc. is a nerve-repair company commercializing breakthrough technology that aligns and seals nerves severed by disease, traumatic events or surgical procedures, overcoming complications from the misdirection and loss of axons.

IVy Composites

IVy Composites, Inc. is a clean-technology company developing and commercializing products which promote and utilize sustainable resources. The company’s core technology is based on high-value composites and clean-tech processes. Products range from green building construction materials to advanced components for the automotive, aerospace and renewable power generation industries.


Kinwa is a mobile application development company with a focus on Bubble, an app that connects users to their surroundings via smartphones. The Bubble platform uses GPS and iBeacon indoor sensor technology to connect digital information to the physical world. Bubble users discover web sites tagged to places and things simply by being near them. Bubble is the only platform that allows web developers to create applications based on iBeacon technology. By expanding the market to web developers, Kinwa plans to bring iBeacon technology to the mass market via Bubble, an elegant user-facing browser app already deployed in retail, museums, airports and real estate.

Lucravalde Inc.

Lucravalde Inc. is a human capital company creating OwnForce, the world's most progressive global contracting marketplace, focusing on company creation. OwnForce connects people and businesses with user-rated, credentialed and validated independent contractors for tasks and services to pay and be paid online. OwnForce also provides tools to individuals and small businesses by incorporating features now only available to the Fortune 500, including contracting, HR, marketing, project management and finance. Lucravalde encourages and simplifies entrepreneurship, allowing startups to focus on what they do best.

MindTree Limited

MindTree Limited is a global IT and product-engineering services company with over 11,000 MindTree Minds around the world. The company Designs, Builds, Tests, and Supports applications and products for companies in the manufacturing, consumer packaged-goods, retail, travel, media-services, banking, insurance, and telecom industries. MindTree’s mission is: Successful Customers; Happy People; and Innovative Solutions.

MLM Biologics

MLM Biologics was founded on the modern interpretation of the Gandhian economic principle, "More for Less for Many." The company's plans and projects center around developing, promoting and distributing market driven medical devices that are clinically effective, affordable, and have the ability to address worldwide patient needs using non-conventional marketing and distribution strategies.


MYOLYN is a medical-device company using advanced algorithms to develop rehabilitation and therapy equipment to give individuals with neurological disorders—even complete paralysis—unprecedented benefits in health, mobility and independence.

MyPayTube, LLC

MyPayTube is a social media software company designing media-sharing tools on social platforms that allow people to make money easily and effectively online. is an entertainment website that shares the advertisement revenue with its users and members, allowing people to make money by sharing media and favorite brands. is a way of fighting poverty, leveraging social media tools and inspiring people to make money doing what they love.

Neatbiz Solutions

Neatbiz Solutions is a healthcare information technology company improving the quality of care through a propriety analysis tool that assists providers with practice management, revenue-cycle optimization, healthcare solutions and private-practice business support.


Developed by attorneys, deans and decision makers, NetClarify flags potential online reputation issues and advises you how to remove them so you will have the best chances to be employed or admitted for higher education.


NeuroNet is a movement-based learning program designed to help children strengthen neural networks in the brain that are foundational to fluent reading decoding, fluent handwriting, and fluent recall of math facts. NeuroNet produces software, online training workshops, and handwriting curricula for elementary schools and pediatric therapists in private practice.

NeXtGen Biologics

NeXtGen Biologics is a Class II medical-device company focused on tissue regeneration. The company’s technology utilizes the extracellular matrix (ECM) from a unique source to help remodel, regrow and restore damaged tissue.


Ocoos is on a mission to bring coherence and organization to the internet. Today, the internet resembles a Turkish market with everyone yelling (via blogs/websites/email blasts, etc) to gain some attention or trying to manipulate search engines in a never ending arms race for the precious rank ordering. Ocoos brings coherence to this situation by connecting consumers, subject matter experts, and product/service providers in a structured platform. The platform (called an Ocoo) is developed and managed by a subject matter expert in a customized context dependent fashion with the use of Ocoos technology.

Omninox Publishing

Omninox Publishing is an education-technology company that produces digital interactive study materials for college-level courses and Advanced Placement high-school classes. Accessible on tablets, “OmniGuides” use high-resolution images, multiple example problems and widget functions to bring the course material to life.

Pathway Systems

Pathway Systems develops and markets Blueprints™, a system for creating and maintaining IT systems diagrams and documentation that scales to support today’s complex IT infrastructures. Blueprints™ replaces the inferior approach of using Visio and spreadsheets with a collaborative, web-based modeling and simulation system. Customers in Europe, Canada and the United States use Blueprints™ for better impact analysis, change management, project planning and IT auditing.

Prioria Robotics

Prioria Robotics is an unmanned systems company dedicated to making UAVs smarter. Prioria believes a smart UAV is more useful, more efficient and improves the lives of customers. The company delivers cost-effective and innovative solutions to civilian and commercial markets and to the nation's military.

Quantitative Medicine

Quantitative Medicine is a computational biology company commercializing advanced, big data analytics technologies that reduce the amount of research required in the initial phases of drug discovery and development. Quantitative Medicine's machine learning system efficiently directs experimentation concurrently across numerous targets, safety evaluations and experimental modalities. Targeting experimentation to gather only the most essential information dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of drug discovery and development.


Reli-Ox™ Corporation has licensed a new chemical production technology from the University of Florida. Reli-Ox™ chemistry is the future of microbial contamination control in Food Processing, Water Treatment, Facility Hygiene and Healthcare. Reli-Ox™ replaces multi-step, multi-chemical, liquid-blending generation processes with a single-step, single-chemical, solid phase reaction using a renewable plastic-bead media. The results are high-value chemicals, specifically Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide is the best liquid antimicrobial available, but the hardest to produce, transport and store. Reli-Ox™ renders all current forms of Chlorine Dioxide generation obsolete, making this chemical available across new and established markets. Thanks to Reli-Ox™, Chlorine Dioxide will no longer be the "disinfectant of last resort."

Shadow Health

Gainesville startup Shadow Health epitomizes the Innovation Hub’s hopes and dreams for every company in the program. Shadow moved in the day the building opened with three employees, and graduated nine months later with 24 employees. The company renovated a vacant building downtown, contributing to the economic revitalization of the community. Today Shadow has 60 employees, and continues to grow at a record pace.


Shwrüm is a software company that provides client relationship management (CRM) solutions to high-end clothing stores and boutiques. The company's Mobile CRM suite empowers sales associates to use tablets to track client information, schedule appointments, and communicate with clients. Shwrüm is trailblazing the convergence of mobile technology with the physical store space.

Sporting Odyssey

Sporting Odyssey is an online sports-marketing company that connects people with outdoor sports through its unique website. The company’s innovative web platform hosts user-generated reviews and live event availability, enabling sportsmen and sports providers to trade sporting opportunities across the world for free.


StoneVault provides a web-based application solution for critical financial information communication. StoneVault resolves the issues of security and convenience in communications among consumers, accountants, financial institutions, and other financial or legal specialists.


Styledwel is a medical-device company established to design and offer to the medical community, especially hospitals, pharmacies and patients, products with superior style and function. Many of today’s medical procedures require patients to use unsightly, utility-designed devices that cause negative, even embarrassing feelings and stigmas. Today’s patients are demanding better products than were acceptable to their parents, products that are both functional and…Styledwel.


T5 Tech is a mobile applications development company offering various application development services ranging from affordable local business solutions to the most complex and custom applications. The company’s signature product,, is a gift registry application that implements laser scan technology. MonkeyWish allows users to scan and add items from any retailer in the world to one consolidated wish list. T5 Tech plans to expand its in-house portfolio to include additional high-quality mobile applications.

TAO Connect

TAO Connect is a software-as-service company commercializing a suite of online tools in an integrated platform to help therapists provide online mental health treatment that is more convenient, effective, and efficient than traditional therapy.

TrueMotion Spine

TrueMotion Spine is a medical-device company focused on the next generation of Total Disc Replacement technology, including a range of patented cervical and lumbar disc-replacement devices to preserve and restore the natural motion of the human spine. The company has a suite of intellectual property covering the innovative spinal implant designs, and is positioned to commercialize products desired by the clinical community that meet the unique demands of cervical arthroplasty.


TruVitals, Inc. is a medical device company committed to commercializing breakthrough radar sensor technologies for monitoring animal and human vital signs. The TruVitals™ system improves the quality of care by continuously monitoring heartbeat, respiration, temperature and patient movement with zero contact. Animal and human patients will experience far less stress when they are in a postoperative, sick or injured state, which will save lives and reduce the total cost of care.

XDG Technologies

XDG Technologies is a biomedical technology company that has developed a compact, handheld instrument to eliminate skin tags in adults and remove digits in infants born with extra fingers or toes. The unique revolutionary device targets extra digits caused by the Polydactyly Type B birth defect. It also permanently eliminates common skin tags that can affect up to 46 percent of the adult population. The device does so with less pain, a shorter recovery time and fewer complications than existing treatment options.