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Affiliate Startups

Affiliate Startups

Learn about the select group of tech startups utilizing the resources of the Innovation Hub

Our Affiliate Startups, who are either not yet ready to be located in the Innovation Hub or are looking to relocate to Gainesville, are busy changing industries with their technologies. Whether democratizing the options trading in the financial industry or providing digital marketing tools, our Affiliate Startups create jobs and improve the world while utilizing the resources and networking available through the Innovation Hub. Learn more about our individual Affiliate Startups below.

Image for AfriDOKTA

AfriDOKTA is a telemedicine/mobile health platform designed to transform the delivery of healthcare in Africa, one country at a time. The company’s telemedicine/mHealth platform is convenient, easy to use, and does not require users to invest in expensive new equipment.

Image for Jellifin


Jellifin is a Financial Technology company that allows individuals to trade U.S. equity options commission free. Learn more at