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Welcome to the Hub

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UF Innovate | The Hub is a business incubator with a mission to build, drive and support the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The mixed-use business incubator provides both a place and a program that can significantly promote the success of early-stage companies by encouraging vision and collision among tenants, partners, visitors and the general community.

960+ New Jobs

$67 million raised

New Businesses

Since the building opened, startup companies have created 960+ jobs, contributing to the local economy.

In that same timespan, Innovation Hub startups raised $67 million in investment.

Nearly three dozen technology-based startup companies call the Innovation Hub home, and the program has spawned dozens more alumni.

Increase your chances of success

Your startup will have a significantly better chance of success with access to our resources and advisors. According to InBIA, the International Business Innovation Association, 87 percent of startups affiliated with incubators survive — four times the national average. To increase your chances of success, learn more about our application process.

How to apply